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Rough Country

Tailgate Assist | Chevy/GMC Canyon/Colorado 2WD/4WD (2015-2022)

Tailgate Assist | Chevy/GMC Canyon/Colorado 2WD/4WD (2015-2022)

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This Assistance You Need. Want a hassle-free way of lowering your tailgate? Look no further than Rough Country's Colorado/Canyon Tailgate Assist! Simply grab and pull the handle, and your gate will ease down, making accessing the back of your truck effortless. With this smooth device, you'll never have to worry about your truck's tailgate slamming down suddenly. Plus, it provides a safe way to lower your tailgate without straining or using two hands. With Rough Country's revolutionary technology, you can make operating your tailgate as smooth as can be.\
Installation and Warranty. This easy-to-install tailgate assistant works with your factory cables to provide effortless, safe opening and closing ?Çôgiving you a smooth ride every time. With only one tailgate assist required per truck, you can hit the road and move on in no time. Our Tailgate Assist fits directly onto your driver side without having to drill any holes, and all the hardware you need to install is included in the package. Custom Designed specifically for the Colorado/Canyon, Rough Country's Tailgate Assist is back with a three-year warranty!

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