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Rough Country

Spare Axle Cage Mount | 1.75 Inch Roll Bar (Universal)

Spare Axle Cage Mount | 1.75 Inch Roll Bar (Universal)

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Getting stuck in the middle of nowhere can put a damper on any adventure and no one wants to be left stranded on the trail. With Rough Country?ÇÖs Spare Axle Cage Mount, you can carry an extra axle with you, getting you back in the game in no time.\
Fits Most 1.75" Cages: If your off-road ride rocks a 1.75" cage, our mount has you covered. It's engineered to ensure a snug and secure fit, providing the perfect storage solution for your spare axle.\
Built Tough with 3/16" Steel: We've used strong 3/16" steel to ensure this mount can handle rugged terrain. It's built to withstand the challenges of off-roading, giving you peace of mind on your adventures.\
Sleek Gloss Black Powder Coat: Not only is it durable, but it also looks great with a glossy black finish and laser-cut RC logo. This coating not only adds protection but it'll also makes your rig look sharp and ready for action.\
Easy Bolt-on Installation: Installing the mount is a breeze. With an easy bolt-on installation, you'll have it securely attached to your ride in no time, leaving you with more time to ride and less time wrestling with tools.\
Whether you're tearing up muddy trails, conquering rocky slopes, or simply out for a weekend ride, our Spare Axle Cage Mount has your back. Don't let a busted axle spoil your outdoor escapades ?Çôget yours today and you?ÇÖll be geared up to handle whatever surprises the trail has in store!

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