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Rough Country

Solar Panel Recharge Kit for 50L Portable Refrigerator/Freezer

Solar Panel Recharge Kit for 50L Portable Refrigerator/Freezer

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Going off the grid has never been so easy!?ǻWith our Solar Recharge Kit, you can keep your food cold no matter where you are. Providing efficient power for long and short adventures on the road, Rough Country's Solar Recharge Kit offers a 100% green energy solar panel that uses the sun's energy to power up your RC 50L Portable Refrigerator/Freezer. In addition, the foldable solar briefcase features kickstands that make it perfect for on-the-go living. So, whether you're taking a road trip or hitting the beach, this kit will keep you powered up.\
Lightweight and Durable. Our kits are lightweight and compact because we know the last thing you need on your trip is more weight to carry. Designed for performance and durability, the material PET laminated, waterproof, dust-proof, and resistant to corrosion. The 12V DC solar panel has a 100W capacity, so it can efficiently charge your cooler. Use our kit lying flat or pull out the stands to get the optimal angle to the sun. since you can never be too careful about charging anything, this solar panel comes with built-in charge protection to prevent overcharging. So, grab a sunnier spot and let the power of the sun keep your drinks and food cool!\
Warranty. This product is backed with a limited lifetime replacement warranty towards manufacturer defects. As such, the product is protected from structural and workmanship damage after the date of purchase. With our industry-leading warranty, give yourself peace of mind when using Rough Country's products!

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