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Power Running Boards | Dual Electric Motor | Ford Expedition 2WD/4WD (18-24)

Power Running Boards | Dual Electric Motor | Ford Expedition 2WD/4WD (18-24)

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Step up in style.?ǻSidesteps have come a long way, and now we've taken them to the next level with Rough Country's?ǻPower Running Boards! These retractable E-Boards tuck tight?ǻfor a clean look when not in use and automatically extend when the door is opened. With an anti-slip surface that provides a secure stepping area, getting in and out of your ride has never been easier.?ǻOur Power Running Boards also?ǻinclude LED lights that provide illumination when deployed and shut off when steps are closed, providing a sleek, aerodynamic look.\
?ǻPremium Construction. The Rough Country E-Board Steps combine durability, strength, and style. These 6" all-season steps are made from lightweight yet durable aluminum and can support up to 660 lbs per side. Equipped with dual motor technology, these steps can handle anything Mother Nature throws their way. They feature an automatic 'SAFE-STOP' mechanism that engages if a blockage is detected and include an interior bypass switch for manual override. So whether you're heading out on a weekend errand or loading up for a camping trip, our electric steps offer reliable protection for all your adventures.\
Installation.?ǻThese easy-to-install steps are the perfect solution for getting in and out of your vehicle. No drilling is required for installation, and the steps tuck tight under the rocker panel?ǻwhen not in use. Don't struggle to get in and out of your vehicle anymore. Make life easier with Rough Country's Power Running Boards.\
Warranty. Rough Country backs its products with a limited lifetime replacement warranty. Our products are protected from structural and workmanship damage after purchase. Our industry-leading warranty gives you peace of mind when using Rough Country products!

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