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Rough Country

3rd Brake Light Extension | Ford Bronco 4WD (2021-2024)

3rd Brake Light Extension | Ford Bronco 4WD (2021-2024)

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Rough Country's 3rd Brake Light Extension Bracket is the easiest solution to relocate your 3rd brake light above an aftermarket wheel and tire. This easy-to-install bracket keeps your 3rd brake light visible with up to 37-inch tires carried on the rear tire carrier.The Bronco's factory 3rd brake light is designed to be visible above your vehicle?ÇÖs stock 5th wheel on the rear tire carrier. Many drivers choose to upgrade to larger wheels and tires, which can obstruct the 3rd brake light from being visible. Some states require that your 3rd brake light be visible at all times. This quick and easy upgrade adds additional height to the 3rd brake light allowing it to peek over aftermarket 5th wheels and tires for better visibility and safety.Includes Rough Country?ÇÖs Lifetime Replacement Guarantee.

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