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30 LED Strobe Vehicle Emergency Warning lights 14.5-inches

30 LED Strobe Vehicle Emergency Warning lights 14.5-inches

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Emitting Color

1.7 different selectable strobe patterns
2.Changes mode/pattern with a press of a button
3.Brighter and more effective then standard LED strobe lights
4.Visibile during daytime conditions
5.Mode change with 1 button
6.Size:66x12x4cm/26"x 4.7"x1.6"
7.LED Quantity:54
8.Service life:50000 hours

Seven Flash Patterns
1- Strobes between first,second,seventh,eighth panel and third,fourth,fifth,sixth panel
2- Strobes between first,fourth,fifth,eighth panel and second,third,sixth,seventh panel
3- Scans center to out
4- Scans out to center
5- Strobes between first,second,seventh,eighth and third,fourth,fifth,sixth panel a few times then all panels
6- Strobes all the panels at once
7- Have all the LEDs constantly on

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