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Rough Country

Pocket Fender Flares | Ford Bronco Sport 4WD (2021-2024)

Pocket Fender Flares | Ford Bronco Sport 4WD (2021-2024)

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Protect your Bronco in style.?ǻNothing turns heads like the style of your Bronco, so why not give it a little extra attitude with Pocket Fender Flares? Not only do they give your vehicle an awesome, simulated riveted look, but they also provide additional protection from rocks and mud. Plus, they offer maximum tire coverage and look great on lifted vehicles. And best of all, they're easily paintable to color match your Bronco. So, gear up and roll with style with Rough Country's Pocket Fender Flares!\
Durability with aggressive looks. Who says you can't have it all? With our Pocket Fender Flares, you get the best of both worlds! Featuring 1.75" of tire coverage and 6.25" of fender coverage these flares not only look good, they provide your Bronco with some much-needed protection from road debris. Rough Country's Pocket Fender Flares are UV protected to prevent fading. Plus, they're made from a special Tri-Blend ABS material for maximum strength and durability.\
Installation.?ǻOur Pocket Fender Flares are a bolt-on install, which means a quick and easy no-drill installation for you! Each order includes step-by-step instructions.\
Warranty. Our Pocket Fender Flares are covered with a 3-year limited warranty. Rough Country's industry-leading warranty gives you the peace of mind to purchase with confidence.

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