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DS18 LED-BTC RGB LED Bluetooth® Control

DS18 LED-BTC RGB LED Bluetooth® Control

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Own some speakers and subwoofers with integrated RGB lighting that are lacking the hardware to be controlled remotely? Then you'll want this waterproof LED-BTC Bluetooth 4.0 LED controller from DS18. It works in conjunction with your smartphone to customize colors, brightness, speed, and more. 1 cable of the controller plugs into the LED light while the other wires attach to the ground, 12-volt accessory switch, and 12-volt battery of your vehicle or boat. The iOS version of the app can connect up to 7 controllers while the Android app connects up to 4 controllers (extra controllers sold separately).


 9.6 x 5.2 x 1.25 in., 0.55 lbs.
 16 x 11.75 x 13.75 in., 1 lbs.
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